There are numerous traditional events that proudly take place in Butte and the surrounding area, and to the delight of many, two of them are about to happen early next month! First up, it's Butte Central's Christmas Party on December 3rd. This event gets underway at the Maroon Activity Center at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.) and has notoriously brought family, alums, benefactors, and friends together during a season of giving and when joining as a community is of the utmost importance. The night will be filled with fun, plenty of appetizers, beverages, a raffle, and LIVE entertainment by High Ore Road. The guitarist/vocalist for High Ore Road is the multi-faceted Tom O'Neill, who is not only Butte Central Alum but also known to be in two places at the same time diligently, either broadcasting on the radio airwaves, announcing sports, writing award winning digital content, or playing a gig...such as Butte's Central's shindig this Saturday. Please get in touch with the school to learn more about Butte Central's Christmas Party at the MAC (550 East Mercury).

Next up, on Tuesday, December 6th, it's a chance to honor Butte's history and those who paved the way with a celebration of National Miner's Day in conjunction with the World Museum of Mining. This event happens at the Butte Elks Lodge (206 W. Galena) at 6 p.m. with LIVE music by John Stenson. A taco bar and dessert will be served, followed by a silent auction to benefit the World Museum of Mining's effort to preserve and enhance the historical legacy of mining in Butte. For more information, please call (406) 723-7211. Here's to enjoying these traditional gatherings and watching for more events yet to come on our websites. Happy Holidays

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Butte "Winter" Farmers' Market Continues

With the winter weather sometimes stifling people from getting from point A to point B, the "indoor" Butte Winter Farmer's Market gives people a chance to come together in a comfortable and accessible environment.

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