Chinese New Year celebrations in Butte have been a fun and historical event going way back into Butte's colorful history and festivities this year will get underway Uptown on February 10.  This year will be the celebration of the "Year of the Dragon".  Chinese culture tells us that the dragon symbolizes honor, luck, nobility, power and success.  Those born during the Year of the Dragon are said to be courageous, tenacious and intelligent.

The Mai Wah Society here in Butte is again putting on what some have called the shortest, loudest and occasionally the coldest parade in Montana on that date.  The Chinese New Year Parade, a proud Butte tradition, will get underway at 3pm with opening remarks at the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse at 155 W. Granite St.  The dragon, manned by members of Butte High School's History Club as "dragon dancers", will proceed east on Granite Street, stopping to bless business sponsors along the route which will commence at the Mai Wah museum at 17 W. Mercury Street and wrap up with a reception with refreshments available.

Library offering lead-up events

The Butte-Silver Bow Library's "First Friday" lecture series will focus on the Montana Chinese and their historic communities and will be led by Mark Johnson, a Mai Wah board member whose book, The Middle Kingdom Under the Big Skywas published in 2022.  His lecture on the Montana Chinese will be Friday, February 2 at noon at the library.

Take-and-Make Dancing Dragon Craft Bags Available

The Butte-Silver Bow Public Library is also offering families a unique craft opportunity, providing take-and-make-craft bags that families can take home and make a dancing dragon. For further details please contact the library at (406) 723-3361.

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