The Copperhead (Boys) and Lady Copperhead basketball teams head to the Western Divisional Class B Tourney after placing second at last weekend's District 6B competition. Interestingly enough, they won't have to travel far to play as the tournament will be held in Anaconda beginning this Thursday, February 23rd! Last Thursday, the Lady Heads beat the Deer Lodge Wardens at home 66 to 24 to guarantee them a shot at Western Divisionals. The same scenario applied to the Copperheads (Boys) as they went into overtime this past Saturday in Florence to beat the Falcons 66 to 62. Although Loyola won both the boys' and girls' championship matchups against Anaconda in the Snake Pit this past Saturday afternoon (February 18th), the Copperheads are eager for another attempt at victory leading into divisionals.

As the bracket stands, the Lady Heads will take on the St. Ignatius Bulldogs at 4:45 p.m. this Thursday in Western Divisional Class B action. The Copperheads (Boys) will also play St. Ignatius on the same day at 8:15 p.m. To print or review a complete bracket/schedule of Western B boys' games, visit here -> WESTERN B BOYS. For the girl's bracket/schedule, click here -> WESTERN B GIRLS. So, now that you know the plan of events beginning February 23rd at the Memorial Gym in Anaconda (699-601 Hickory Street), comes the opportunity to show your support to not only the Mighty Copperhead Basketball Teams but Anaconda Junior Senior High School's dedicated cheerleaders and band members! The more fans, the better! Get your "Copperhead Spirt" on starting this Thursday at the Snake Pit!

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