A great way to wrap up 2022 is with this event! On, Saturday, December 31st, Cutler Brothers Theatre in Deer Lodge will host their first annual film festival! If you're a fan of Cutler Brothers Theatre or are curious to learn more about them, then their first annual film festival is a great place to start! As outlined on their Facebook page, the First Annual Cutler Brothers Film Fest will begin at 9 a.m. with the screening of Enigma, an original Cutler Brothers horror flick. For those who know the Cutler crew, an early morning viewing of an action packed thriller sounds about right...and that's a compliment! Their eccentric ways  mesh nicely with their impressive theatrical and tech savvy.

Also expected at Cutler Brother's First Annual Film Fest this Saturday, is their LA Comedy Fest award winning film, The Cottonwood City Project (2 p.m.). Also on tap, the crazed film The Adventure of Pete & Kit at 4 p.m., apparently featuring one bad *ss grandma and some other knot heads. The Fest will go on to screen the digital adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar (6 p.m.), which was filmed on a Montana farm during the pandemic of 2020. Also for your viewing pleasure, you can witness the award winning and most talked about Cutler Brothers film, Redgate (8 p.m.). The day dedicated to Cutler Brothers' films will also premiere a trailer of their latest project, Bad Napoleon, and Gloria's Child wrapping up the event with a 10 p.m. showing. This means after a day of taking in films, you'll be set to ring in the New Year when the clock strikes midnight! The First Annual Cutler Brother Film Fest (301 Main in Deer Lodge) is FREE to the public, which means you just might have money left over to buy a New Year's beverage at any of the fine establishments in Deer Lodge following the Fest! For details about the First Annual  Cutler Brothers Film Fest call (406) 846-4096. Be safe and have fun!

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