The 2023 Draft Horse Expo is this weekend in Deer Lodge Montana. The Draft Horse Expo has been the only draft horse show in Montana for the past twenty-five years.

The draft horse show is a family-friendly event that offers a weekend of fun for all ages, with education, and cultural history of the horses throughout. Those in attendance will feel firsthand the immense power of the gentle giants. The Big Sky Draft Horse Expo offers the beauty, grandeur, and sheer power of today’s draft horses.

Preparations Are Made For The Royal Highland Show
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The Expo’s goal is to educate the public about draft horses, mules, and related equipment while entertaining everyone in attendance. There will be many different types of draft horses and mules competing in different classes over the 3 day. The real beauty of this event is that many of the participants are families who have owned and shown these draft animals for generations. These are people, and animals, who know what work is.

There are a staggering amount of different competitions spread out over the event. There are events for single animals, tandem, as well as teams of four and six. There will be working classes, driving classes, as well as feats of skill, involving precision through obstacles.

Preparations Are Made For The Royal Highland Show
Washing a 1 ton horse is a bit more involved than washing your dog at home (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

On Saturday there will be a Draft Horse 101 presented in front of the grandstands. This will be your chance to learn about draft horses, harnessing, and some of the equipment used in driving horses. Everyone is encouraged to visit the bards to meet the horses and their families. The trip to the barn will give you a real look into the daily life of a draft horse, and the people who take care of them. You will witness the devotion, hard work and love these families have for their animals.

You can purchase tickets HERE. You can grab a full 3 day pass, or you can get individual day tickets as well.

Events get underway Friday June 23rd at 3 pm and run into the evening.

On Saturday June 24th, the day will start at 9:30 am and again will run into the evening.

Sunday June 25th, the day will go from 10 am until 2:15 when the weekend will conclude with a 10 horse hitch demonstration. See the full list of events, and find out more about the Big Sky Draft Horse Expo on their Website.

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