Fans who came to see the Butte High Bulldogs boys basketball team battle Missoula Big Sky on Tuesday night were treated to a special exhibition at halftime.  Taking the court for a quick contest were members of East Middle School's Unified Basketball program and members of their two teams, the Eagles and the Wildcats.

Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

The Unifited Team is a very special group of Mining City kids whose abilities are a little bit different from many of the other athletes that were competing on the evening but that did not prevent them from putting on a spirited game that gave a little insight as to how these kids operate.  These kids love to pass and nothing seems to make them happier than seeing one of their friends score.  They are simply not afraid to share the ball or the applause, and the crowd at Butte High's Ross J. Richardson Gymnasium gave them plenty of cheers on Tuesday evening.

Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

The Wildcats and the Eagles are led by coaches Nolan Boyle, Kate Dennehy, Steve Shahan and Louisa Tierney and officials for last night's game were Quinn Dennehy, Raeder Gray and Minor Lee.

EAGLES ROSTER (white uniforms): #1 Joey Montoya, #2 Dameon Anderson, #3 Iszabella Dawson, #4 Avery Barsness, #5 Jordan Watts, #11 Joseph Turnbull VanMeel, #12 Derick Cunningham, #13 Dylaina Craik, #14 Riley Mingus, #15 Aaron Mero, #31 Allie Becker, #32 Alivia Cox

WILDCATS ROSTER (gold uniforms): #2 Kaylee Mehring, #3 Emma Gordon, #4 Reese Johnson, #5 Abbie Schelin, #12 Karter Hall, #13 Taylor Baumbach, #14 Brian Cherry, #34 Kori LaDouceur, #31 Jacoby Bentcik.

What's even cooler is the love these wonderful athletes got from the community and even the Bulldog Basketball Facebook page.


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