You can count on seeing team buses from all over the state all over town this Friday and Saturday as the 2023 LaVerne Combo Softball Invitational makes its annual return.  Teams from Class A and Class B along with the AA Butte High Junior Varsity will see action starting at noon Friday and before things wrap up Saturday evening, 48 games will have taken place on 5 fields.  Here is the schedule.  Italicized games will count as conference games.

FRIDAY: 12pm- Polson vs. Billings Central (Stodden #1); Hamilton vs. Park (Stodden #2); Custer Co. vs. Corvallis (Stodden #3); Browning vs. Lockwood (Longfellow-Ed Austin).  1:45pm- Columbia Falls vs. Dawson Co. (Stodden #1); Libby vs. Laurel (Stodden #2); Butte High JV vs. Stevensville (Stodden #3); Ronan vs. Manhattan (Longfellow-Ed Austin); Whitefish vs. Powell Co. (Longfellow-Helen Austin).  3:30pm- Frenchtown vs. Havre (Stodden #1); Anaconda vs. Butte Central (Stodden #2); Florence vs. Park (Stodden #3); Dillon vs. Custer Co. (Longfellow-Ed Austin); Hamilton vs. Lockwood (Longfellow-Helen Austin).  5:15pm- Libby vs. Billings Central (Stodden #1); Anaconda vs. Whitefish (Stodden #2); Polson vs. Laurel (Stodden #3); Powell Co. vs. Browning (Longfellow-Ed Austin); Corvallis vs. Dawson Co. (Longfellow-Helen Austin).  7pm- Dillon vs. Lockwood (Stodden #1); Frenchtown vs Butte Central (Stodden #2); Havre vs. Ronan (Stodden #3); Florence vs. Columbia Falls (Longfellow-Ed Austin); Manhattan vs. Stevensville (Longfellow-Helen Austin).

SATURDAY: 9am- Whitefish vs. Laurel (Stodden #1); Manhattan vs. Libby (Stodden #2); Hamilton vs. Custer Co. (Stodden #3); Corvallis vs. Anaconda (Longfellow-Ed Austin); Polson vs. Dawson Co. (Longfellow-Helen Austin).  10:45am- Browning vs. Laurel (Stodden #1); Powell Co. vs. Lockwood (Stodden #2); Columbia Falls vs. Butte High JV (Stodden #3); Anaconda vs. Ronan (Longfellow-Ed Austin); Stevensville vs. Park (Longfellow-Helen Austin).  12:30pm- Libby vs. Havre (Stodden #1); Custer Co. vs. Butte Central (Stodden #2); Frenchtown vs. Billings Central (Stodden #3); Florence vs. Dawson Co. (Longfellow-Ed Austin); Dillon vs. Whitefish (Longfellow-Helen Austin).  2:15pm- Polson vs. Havre (Stodden #1); Ronan vs. Butte High JV (Stodden#2); Corvallis vs. Powell Co. (Stodden #3); Browning vs. Park (Longfellow-Ed Austin); Hamilton vs. Manhattan (Longfellow-Helen Austin).  4pm- Frenchtown vs. Dillon (Stodden #1); Stevensville vs. Butte Central (Stodden #2); Florence vs. Billings Central (Stodden #3); Lockwood vs. Columbia Falls (Longfellow-Ed Austin).

Rosters and updated scores can be found here.

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