It looks like the powers that be in law enforcement and our judicial branch are taking their pursuit of criminals to the internet.  Or, at least, they're being a lot more active online in their pursuit of those with warrants out for their arrest.  The Butte-Silver Bow website is now putting out a list of the county's most wanted fugitives.  Are you on this List?  Do you know someone on this list or have you seen them?  Here is a list of the most wanted fugitives this week.


Michael Rodger Zimmerly - Wanted for second offense partner or family member assault.  Last known location - Butte.

Brandon Nicholas Jacobsen - Wanted for partner or family member assault (second offense), criminal mischief and criminal contempt of court.

Jesse Leroy Brown, Jr. - Wanted for revocation of suspended sentence.  Last known location: Butte.

Christopher Etheredge - Wanted for absconding.

Nickolas Learn - Wanted for absconding and partner or family member assault.  Last known location: Whitehall

Law enforcement reminds you that if you see these individuals, do not try to apprehend them yourself.  Please call dispatch of the Butte/Silver Bow Police Department at (406) 497-1120.

While the above individuals are the most wanted by authorities, there is a long list of individuals with outstanding warrants.  These too have been posted on the Butte-Silver Bow County website.  If you see your name but have reason to believe that your name should not be on the outstanding warrants list, or if any of the information is inaccurate, you may email the court at  You will get a response within 72 hours.

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