Early forecasts have midweek temperatures plummeting as low as -35.  Even by Montana standards, this is cold.  This is also no time to be without heat and if you find yourself facing an energy emergency, there is help available here in Butte.

What is an energy emergency?

Have you received a shut off notice from the power company?  Do you owe money on your power bill and are unable to obtain service?  Is your furnace or home heating system not functioning?  These are examples of an energy emergency and through ACTION, Inc. help is available through the Energy Share Program.  The Energy Share Program not only provides immediate emergency assistance but they help their clients move towards self-reliance.  Energy Share applications can be obtained through the local HRDC and a list can be found here.  Other services, such as weatherization and furnace and water heater efficiency and safety programs are available as well.

Donations accepted

If you find yourself in a position where you would like to donate to this worthy program, please do so!  All private donations are used directly for energy assistance.  Not a penny of what comes in from private sources are used for administrative costs and and donations are tax-deductible.  Donations will also go towards needs in the donor's area first, before any other parts of the state.  Energy Share can be found at 3117 Cooney Drive, Suite 102 in Helena, MT 59602.  Their number is 406-442-4900 and their email address is contactus@energyshare.com.  If you need help, please reach out and if you can make a donation, think of Energy Share.

The Dutton Ranch (aka Chief Joseph Ranch)

Behind The Scenes Peek at Yellowstone Prequel Filming in Butte

Production on the new Yellowstone prequel, "1923" is officially underway in Butte, MT. Here's what we found on a huge outdoor set.

Butte locations seen in the 1923 trailer

The Butte locations spotted in the new 1923 trailer

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