With a Pacific storm system moving through the Rocky Mountains today, there are several winter weather hazards in Montana and beyond. Areas of snow, with moderate snow expected throughout the morning.

Roads could be particularly icy this morning throughout Western Montana, as snow may initially melt on some surfaces, and then freeze. The other major factor throughout the day will be the wind. Brief and intense snow showers with gusty winds (snow squalls) could accompany the front moving through Southwest Montana.

I-15 Southbound from Dillon to the Idaho Line is closed due to hazardous driving conditions in Idaho. Monida Pass has seen snowfall, but also there are 40+ mile per hour winds making travel dangerous.

I-15 closed- MDOT.gov

Roads throughout Western Montana this morning are snow and ice covered, with more snow in the forecast through the morning hours. I-15 From Butte to the Canadian line is labeled snow and ice on the roadway. There is also a disabled vehicle on I-90 northbound between Craig and Cascade (south of Great Falls) to be aware of as well. Butte to Missoula is also snow and ice covered this morning.

More snow is expected through the morning hours in western Montana. In the Butte area, we could see 3 inches of accumulation, Bozeman up to 2 inches. Great Falls could see 6 inches of new snow, and in West Yellowstone they could see 6 inches of new snow or more.

If you are planning on getting on the highway make sure to check the current road conditions, via the Montana Department of transportation website.

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