Just yesterday, I posted an article about the fate of the World Museum of Mining's Opening Day. The original plan was for organizers to unveil another awe-inspiring season of Butte's nostalgia to the public beginning April 1st! Well, just announced this afternoon some of that plan remains in place, but with a few twists and turns. While the museum gift shop and some underground tours will still open on the FIRST of next month, the museum grounds will NOT open until April 20th. Well, that's as long as winter doesn't overstay its welcome as much as it already has. Unprecedented amounts of snow on the premise led to the decision not to open the outside area of the museum as initially planned. (continued)

However, the World Museum of Mining Gift Shop will open on cue this Saturday, April 1st, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., seven days a week. In addition, underground tours are posted by 9 a.m. each day by visiting their website here -> UNDERGROUND TOUR. As illustrated on the World Museum of Mining's website, their mission has always been to preserve the culture of Butte and its rich historical legacy of mining. Implemented in 1963, the "museum" is a rarity, as it is determined to be one of the few museums across the globe to be located on a mine yard. The museum is host to fifty exhibit buildings and numerous artifacts. The World Museum of Mining undoubtedly seems to come alive through imagination and a sense of being. People have been known to spend a couple of hours touring the facility for days at a time. So what will it be for you once the snow thaws and allows the mysterious wonders to begin at the World Museum of Mining?

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