Most everyone who celebrated Christmas this year adorned their homes with festive trees. Some people even went to the extent of having a tree in every room of their house or apartment. Yes, admirers of the holiday probably even found a way to fit a decorative tree next to the toothbrushes or commode in the bathroom. Whatever the case may be, now comes the inevitable part of taking down that beautiful creation you enjoyed immensely over the holidays and spent so much time decorating. Okay, so maybe pace yourself and stare intently at your fabulous tree through New Year's Eve, but then make a game plan to send it on its way!

For those who chose real trees this year, the Butte-Silver Bow Parks and Recreation Department makes it easy for residents to dispose of them. Once you've taken all of the decorations and lights off of your real trees, feel free to drop them off at any of the following locations in Butte: High Altitude Skating Center parking lot; McGruff parking lot; corner of Utah Avenue & Sampson Street; and the corner of Excelsior & Platinum.

Again, in disposing of your real Christmas trees, the Butte-Silver Bow Parks and Recreation Department emphasizes how important it is to remove all decorations and lights before dropping them off at any of the locations above. Trees with any items left on them will not be accepted. More information about the disposal of Christmas trees is available by calling the Parks and Recreation Department at (406) 497-6571. Happy New Year!

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