Montana Booking Agency and the Butte Depot present the Jeff Crosby Band live in Butte on May 18th.

The doors will open at 7 pm, music will start at 8 pm at the Butte Depot.

The world of music seems to be made up of a few really big nets, country and rock being the largest. Those nets are vast, but the netting is spaced very far apart, only catching the really large acts. The rest of the bands fall through those big nets and hopefully find purchase on a lower, more defined net.

The Americana net seems to get bigger and bigger every passing month. Most acts that are lyrically driven, more interested in a story than a hook, seem to find purchase on the Americana net. Most seem to slide through the country net, but some find their way there bouncing through the rock net as well.

John Prine might be one of the shining lights of what defines Americana. Story-driven songs about everyday life. Jason Isbell is a guy that fell through both the country and rock nets and has carved himself a home in Americana. Someone whom I have never heard called an Americana artist, but for me might be one of the longest-serving members is John Mellencamp. Artists like Bob Dylan. Everyone knows Dylan, and everyone has an opinion on Dylan, and yet he isn’t a guy you hear on the radio often at all. He fell through those big nets and found a home telling stories.

I love storytellers and therefore Americana. Brandi Carlile, Lyle Lovett, Sturgill Simpson, Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, The White Buffalo, Shakey Graves, Nathaniel Rateliff, Tom T Hall, and Johnny Cash. Artists who write and perform from a place of sorrow or happiness, not hoping that their hook will be used on TikTok.

Jeff Crosby is a guy that finds one hell of a home in Americana. Jeff was raised in Idaho on a steady diet of Crosby Stills, and Nash, Jackson Browne, and the Eagles from his mother. His other musical compass came from a neighbor that believed in the power of the storyteller, Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark, artists that influenced his life.

Jeff is an artist that writes from his experiences, some might even say writing things that are overly personal. You won’t find any smoke and mirrors listening to a Jeff Crosby track. His songs speak to his time growing up in Idaho, to the incredible difficulties finding life in Las Angeles, love and loss, and trying to get by.

This show promises to be a special night with an outstanding performer, here in Butte America. You can get your tickets at The Depot, Collective Elevation, or at

Make sure to listen to 92.5 KAAR and 95.5 KMBR for your chance to win tickets.

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