Get ready to climb and sing like you mean it at a fun filled event planned for tomorrow during Recreate's Climbing & Karaoke Night in Butte! They've been at it for awhile now, and I have to say the concept behind it is catchy! It's a chance to not only get a good work out while climbing, but to also get your vocal cords in tip top shape.  As illustrated on their website, Recreate Climbing & Fitness (1101 Utah Avenue in Butte) offers a functional fitness gym and a bouldering gym. No worries, though, as you're encouraged to work at your own pace during the "Climbing & Karaoke" event tomorrow from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The idea behind this action packed function is to simply get out and enjoy family and friends in a welcoming environment. To learn more, I had the opportunity to speak with Cruz of Recreate today who confirmed that anyone interested is invited! The option for free rentals and age appropriate drink specials will also be available. (continued...)

Also, in researching the event, I came across an online article on Grapee about a Kansai-based karaoke retailer in Japan that first introduced the concept of karaoke and climbing to the public in 2015. So, if you're "hooked" after a night of climbing and karaoke tomorrow at Recreate in Uptown Butte, you might find yourself interested in making more trips to their energizing establishment. Especially since the founders of Recreate assert that a mind, body, soul approach to fitness is essential. Their mission is to introduce the community to an adventure-driven lifestyle with the mind set to encourage and build up participants and their goals. You can learn more about Recreate Climbing & Fitness by visiting their website here ->RECREATE. They offer memberships and passes to both facilities with youth fitness classes, bouldering, team training and even birthday parties and other events as their top priority.

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