The Lady Copperheads came to play tonight tenfold! This evening's 66 to 24 win over the Deer Lodge Lady Wardens in the District 6B Basketball Tournament in Anaconda, earned them a presumed shot at Saturday's championship match-up against the Loyola Breakers. Tournament brackets were updated this evening following Loyola's 47 to 36 victory tonight over Florence in Missoula. (continued...)

The Florence Lady Falcons will go on to face the Deer Lodge Lady Wardens Saturday (February 18th) in the Snake Pit for the consolation game beginning at 11 a.m. Heading into the District 6B Tourney, The Lady Copperheads ranked number one, whereas Loyola ranked number three. Florence who ranked number two leading into this week's competition was an anticipated favorite to play in the championship. However, as the saying goes; "all bets are off as anything can happen during tournament play." The Copperheads aim to stay ahead of the game, so to speak, and prove that they have what it takes to win this Saturday. ->

Leading tonight for the Lady Copperheads were Meela Mitchell with 21 points; Maniyah Lunceford with 15; Cali Pesanti, Hayden Lunceford, and Larkin Galle each with 9; and Rain Daniels with 3 points. For the Lady Wardens Taylor Stevenson led with 9 points; Taryn Lamb with 6; Allison Hathaway with 3; and Natalie Bowe, Hazel Rubink, and Skyla Pierson each with 2 points. ->

Also as part of District 6B Basketball action, the Copperheads (boys) will take on the  Falcons in Florence at 6 p.m. tomorrow night! More tournament action is in-store for Anaconda later this month, as the Western B Divisionals will be held there, February 23rd through the 25th. Safe travels to everyone and work hard players!

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