This Saturday is the 23rd Letter Carriers' Food Drive and its impact is felt nationally.

Each second Saturday in May, letter carriers across the country gather food, personal care items and monetary donations to benefit local food banks.  Their incredible efforts over the years have led to the donations of over a billion pounds of food.  Billion.  With a "b".

Here in the Mining City the food and funds collected through the work of our letter carriers will be dropped off at the Butte Emergency Food Bank at 1019 E. Second Street.  That is where your help is needed.  We talked with Kathy Griffith of the Food Bank, and she says that help is needed and welcome.  "We will need volunteers up here at the food bank from probably 10 o'clock until 4 to unload trucks and stock food, and they are vital," Griffith told us adding that you can just show up on Saturday and they'll put you to work. "Please, just show up.  We'll have doughnuts and lunch, and we'll treat you well."

Please plan on making a donation this Saturday.  Griffith said there is always a need for personal care items and toiletries.  As far as nonperishables, Griffith said the items needed in particular are ramen noodles, canned soup, canned vegetables, canned fruit, spaghetti sauce, cereal and canned meats like chili, tuna and spam.  Please leave your nonperishables in a bag by your mailbox and your letter carrier will take it from there.  Griffith did point out that cash donations are welcome as well and may provide more for your food donation dollar as this allows them to buy in bulk.  Just leave a check in an envelope and mark it "Food Bank".

Please consider giving an hour or two this Saturday and remember to leave out your nonperishable donations before the mail arrives!

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