The popular and unique "Empty Bowls" fundraiser is set for April 3 at the Butte Civic Center and a new bowl will be featured this year.

What is Empty Bowls?

Empty Bowls takes place each year as a way to raise money for Butte's "Backpack Program" which is a very effective means of getting nutritious food to the over 500 children in the Butte School District who have been identified by their teachers as being "food insecure".  Each Friday, the children receive a bag of food, enough for them for two days.  100 percent of funds raised at "Empty Bowls" goes towards purchasing the food they give away.

How do they raise the money?

This is the fun and delicious part.  Right now, artists from the Hungry Hill Art Studio are creating these beautiful bowls which they graciously donate to the event.  These will be sold on April 3 where they can be filled with hearty soups from generous local restaurants.  The meal also comes with bread and dessert and a cash bar is available for beverages or libations.  In the past there were two choices, a $20 soup-sized bowl or a $100 family-sized bowl.  This year they have added a $50 medium-sized bowl.

Here are some of the beautiful bowls from past events:

Butte Montana's Empty Bowls

Butte's Empty Bowls Fundraiser for The Butte Food Bank

Gallery Credit: Paul Panisko

Tickets are available now.

Tickets for the event are available right now at the Butte Civic Center box office or at the Butte Emergency Food Bank.  If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Kathy Griffith at (406) 490-6800 or Peggy Graving at (406) 490-1719.

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