Coming up Saturday, January 14th, Butte residents and skating enthusiasts alike, will have a chance to pay tribute to one of their own during the 1st Annual Charley Worley Speedskating Marathon! The matchup gets underway at the Butte High Altitude Skating Center as part of the three day "Old School" Speed Skating event. The marathon is set to begin at 10 am the morning of the 14th and will consist of a 10k, 25k, and 50k. Age brackets are as follows: 15 years or younger; 16 to 35 years of age; 36 to 49 years of age; and 50 years or older. At this juncture same day registration will be accepted!

The story behind the 1st Annual Charley Worley Speedskating Marathon begins with a tale about an individual who earned the respect of many across the community for his selflessness and commitment to the skating world. Turns out Charley Worley was extremely instrumental in his contribution to the High Altitude Skating Center for many years and was even deemed the "Ice Meister" by those who knew him. He spent many hours grooming the ice at the Butte High Altitude Skating Center, which led to a significant amount of world records gracing the rink. It would be safe to say that his understanding of the rink came from his time as a speed skater himself. He knew what and how it needed to be maintained and he took pride in the process.

Sorrowfully, Worley passed away last year January 25, 2022, and just 11 days after his 69th birthday. That is why the marathon to honor him happens on January 14th; it is one amazing way to celebrate his life, and on the day he was born!  Again, to participate you can register the day of the marathon at the Butte High Altitude Skating Center (34 Olympic Way) at 8 am. Call (406) 565-2608 or visit the Charley Worley Speedskating Marathon page on Facebook for more information. Enjoy your time at the marathon and continue to remember Charley Worley for "literally" paving the way to success on the ice and compassion in life.

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