Mining City Dance Co. is excited to announce that their big show is coming to the big stage.  Well, at least it's one of the biggest stages we have in Butte.  The Mother Lode Theater will be the site of the annual dance recital on Monday, April 17.  Showtime is 7pm and tickets are available now through this link.

Photo courtesy Mining City Dance Co.
Photo courtesy Mining City Dance Co.

Mining City Dance Co. has been around since 1999 teaching several different styles of dance including tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical/contemporary and hip-hop.  All classes are taught by qualified instructors with years of experience but what sets Mining City Dance Co. apart from the others is their emphasis on fun.  They want their dancers to enjoy themselves and build lasting and meaningful relationships while at the same time learning different styles of dance.  They do not expect their classes to take over your child's (or your) entire life.  Does this mean that they are not competitive?  Heck no.  Mining City Dance Company has been attending competitions since shortly after opening their doors and have experienced a great deal of success.  Their many trophies and medals are proudly displayed at their studio.  Stop by and take a look and see what classes they have that may be of interest to you.  They are located at 601 S. Montana Street and would be happy to answer any questions via email as well.  Shoot an email to Kathy at or call (406)491-8485.  Whatever you do, don't miss the big show April 17 at the Mother Lode Theater.

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