The Butte YMCA's media campaign slogan is spot on in getting their message across about their swim program; "It's more fun in the water when everyone knows how to swim!" True and to the point! The YMCA in Butte and across the nation has promoted the importance of swim lessons for some time, with very positive results. It all comes from the knowledge and technique newcomers receive from instructors who have the skills to teach people of all ages how to swim. The Butte YMCA's first swim session of the new year happens January 2nd through January 26th. Other Winter and Spring sessions run February through April, as well. Each session is four weeks long, with eight 45-minute lessons available.

There are still slots open for children, with some options for adults. Swim sessions are available for both members and non-members:

Parent/Tot Lessons (9 months to 2 years old)

Preschool Lessons are for kids 3 to 5 years of age and consist of the following levels: Pike (water adjustment), Eel (Beginners), Ray (Intermediate), and Starfish (Advanced)

Youth Lessons are for kids six years of age and older. These lessons consist of the following levels: Polliwog (Beginner), Guppy (Moderate Beginner), Minnow Fish ( Intermediate), and Flying Fish-Shark (Advanced).

A complete list of dates and times for swim lessons at the Butte YMCA (2975 Washoe Street) is available on their website at In addition, quick access is HERE at BUTTE-YMCA, making it easy to register your family members for swim lessons. For information about the Y's adult swim lessons, call (406) 221-5241 or (406) 782-1266.

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