Many reading this right now have had their Christmas trees decorated and up since Thanksgiving or at least mid-December. As a recent member of the "empty nest" club, I found myself waiting until this past Sunday (December 18th) to put up and decorate a tree. Okay, let's be honest. Even when my kids were little, I didn't entertain the idea of putting up or decorating a tree until two weeks before Christmas. Then for many years, my middle kiddo, Jayden, would give me the evil eye and reverse psychology speech about how ALL of her friends ALREADY had their trees up. Hint, hint.

During my early years of parenting, I was big on buying a "real" tree, usually from the Clark family in Anaconda. They always had a beautiful selection. There were even a few years in between when we would go the route of purchasing a permit to chop down our very own tree. Then, as life got busier, I found myself investing in "faux" trees. Once again, the latter gave my kid, Jayden, a reason to chime in on how uncool I was being again. Lol.

Growing up, my parents always bought "real" trees from private vendors or merchants in the area. What is your preference? Are you all about purchasing a real tree, getting a permit to retrieve your own, or do you like to browse the selection of artificial Christmas trees in-store or online? Peace of mind is knowing that whether yours is "real" or "artificial", the spirit of the season will always be alive and well, regardless. So, here's to the holidays, watering your real tree and dusting off your faux one.

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