Eric Dowdle is an internationally acclaimed folk artist that you may have heard of or even follow.  What makes Dowdle unique is his unique way of telling stories through pictures.  Eric finds inspiration in a town's landscape and it's history and he has travelled around the globe capturing the essence and spirit of the towns he photographs.  It is no surprise that he has chosen Butte, Montana as one of his subjects.

One of Eric's unique way of presenting his art is through a jigsaw puzzle and this is the media though which he will present his vision of Butte to the rest of the world.  In fact, most of the legwork is done, an unveiling ceremony has been scheduled for July 2nd and pre-orders are being accepted at  You can also get to the site by scanning the QR code below.

courtesy Butte Chamber of Commerce
courtesy Butte Chamber of Commerce

"We are thrilled to partner with the Butte Local Development Corporation and collaborate with Eric Dowdle on this exciting project," said Stephanie Sorini, the Butte Chamber of Commerce's Director, adding, "Butte holds a special place in the hearts of many and we are honored to immortalize its beauty through Eric's remarkable artistry."

What will the puzzle look like?  While it's anyone's guess we can be sure that it will be historical so it will most likely include some of our unique mining landscape and beautiful architecture.  Will it include the Pit?  Our Lady of the Rockies?  Or something else entirely?  With Dowdle's impressive history, we can rest assured that it will be something incredible and it will be a long wait until it's unveiling event on July 2.

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