I love Senior Night.

I will be honest and say that it hasn’t always been that way. The guy that put it in perspective for me was Ron Hasquet.

Hasquet is a proud Shelby Coyote and Montana Tech Oredigger. He is still in the Oredigger record books with 7 interceptions in a season (Senior year?) He likes to think of himself as Gunnar Kayser 1.0. After Hasquet wrapped up his playing career at Tech he joined the coaching staff as a position coach under Bob Green.

I’ve been beyond lucky to call games with Hasquet since 2005, and that’s when my education about Senior day began.

Every Senior Night, you get to see the head coaches out with their players, words and embraces exchanged, it’s impossible not to be hit by the emotion of these moments. For high school coaches you know they are thinking of that young, ‘green’ freshman, the kid that came in without a clue. Watching as their personalities flourish, their development as a player grows, and hoping they have helped in some way shape the young man standing in front of them.

Back to Hasquet, he gave me another perspective I never would have realized. We all see the head coach out with the players, but it is a HUGE day for the assistant coaches, and position coaches. In football, you spend a lot of time with your head coach, but a whole lot more with your position coaches. Whether that time is on the field, or in a classroom going over film, those bonds become incredibly strong. Every year I get to hear Hasquet reminisce about HIS coaches on Senior day, and more importantly the group of guys he was able to coach, guys that are lifelong friends.

So, let’s gather and celebrate the Bulldog seniors tonight, in the finest football facility known to mankind. In addition to celebrating our seniors, let’s celebrate Coach Grey and his staff, this group of seniors is family to these coaches, each and every one of them. And we are lucky to have them as coaches.

Now to the meat and potatoes of this article, one of my favorite things I have the honor of doing every year, I get to sit down with Arie Grey and listen as he talks about his group of seniors in his own words.

You can listen to Coach Grey HERE.

My thanks to Coach Grey, his staff, and our Butte High Seniors!

Go Bulldogs


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