The Silver Bow Montessori is hosting their Spring Fling. It will be a day packed with an easter egg hunt, fun runs of varying lengths, and a kid’s carnival.

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The Spring Fling is coming up this Saturday at Silver Bow Montessori, located at 1800 Sunset Road, off Harrison Avenue in Butte. The fun begins at 10 am and runs until 1 pm. The Spring Fling is the “Biggest and Best Easter Egg Hunt in Butte”. The egg hunt will start at noon and will be divided up into age groups.

Along with the egg hunt, there will be an outdoor kids’ carnival. The carnival will be running from 10-1 and will have games and great fun for kids.

In addition to the carnival, and egg hunt there are several runs scheduled, a 5K run that will start at 10 am, a 1-mile run that starts at 10:15, and a Bunny Fun Run at 11 am. The Bunny Fun Run is for kids and is approximately .5 Km in length. The kids will get to run this race with the Easter Bunny.
You can register for the races, the egg hunt, and the carnival by signing up HERE. This is an annual fundraiser for Silver Bow Montessori school.

That still isn’t the entire scope of the day that they have planned. In addition to the races, the egg hunt, and the kids carnival, there will be local craft vendors on hand, there will be a bake sale, and there will be a pair of food trucks! The Brown Gringo Food truck and Big Hole Pizza will both be on hand for the event.

This is going to be a great day for kids of all ages. If you plan on attending, make sure to register HERE for all the races, the egg hunt, and the carnival.

You can also read more about Silver Bow Montessori HERE.

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