The American Flag on top of the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse last flew in 1983. The flag was taken down in 1983, due to safety concerns, as the flagpole and finial ball were badly damaged. That same year, the Butte-Silver Bow government had a flagpole installed in front of the courthouse to fly the U.S. Flag as well as the Montana State flag.

Chief executive J.P. Gallagher explains, “I am extremely proud to announce Old Glory will once again fly over the courthouse. The task of restoring the flagpole on the courthouse was not an easy one. I want to thank and credit Government Buildings manager John Sullivan for getting the job done.”

As written in a 1930’s newspaper article, “The Flag on top of the courthouse is one of the highest in the United States, with the elevation of the Butte-Silver Bow courthouse combined with the height of the flagpole almost 6000 feet above sea level.”

Chief Executive Gallagher continued,” Our flagpole in front of the courthouse will continue to fly the Montana flag, Butte-Silver Bow flag, and the Prisoner of War flag. But starting July 10, 2023, Old Glory will proudly fly high above the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse once again, visible for all to see.”

John Sullivan was hoping to get the flagpole done for the fourth of July, but a lack of available parts extended the job by one week.

“Having the flagpole refurbished and flying our country’s flag, on arguably one of the most impressive buildings in the state, is important to our community, the courthouse is the center of our city-county government and deserves to have a prominent flag” says John Sullivan.

Once again the flag-raising ceremony will take place July 14th, at 8 am at the courthouse.

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