(Names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Earlier this week I found myself in a discussion with people whom I appreciate, and people whom I respect. Like most good conversations the subject matter changed and jumped around continuously until someone absolutely stood on the brake pedal.

This is where the train sailed right off the tracks so please, if you have small children or family members that are sensitive (Josh Groban fans) please have them leave the room before continuing.

An individual whom we will call ‘Daniel’ (to protect their identity), casually asked the group.

“Have you ever ironed money?”

Yea, you read that correctly. And before I could even mock the person fully, several people said “YES”!

Over half the people in the room had ironed money... Scrooge McDuck style! Some said they had for a gift; others didn’t give a reason to explain why they are absolutely crazy.

Seriously, people have, and people DO iron cash. It is an idea I have never even contemplated.

5 Million Dollars In Cash Displayed At Seminole Hard Rock Casino
Do you need your cash to be starched to perfection? (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Ok, so I will admit, the idea of ironing a $20 or another bill to put in a card isn’t a BAD idea, but who pulls out their wallet or purse, looking for cash to put in a card, and laments that it’s just too darn wrinkly?

The other side of the crazy coin: What kind of person gets a card, grabs the cash, and is disgusted that Andrew Jackson’s face is marred by several wrinkles? No one. Every person alive is spending that cash in their head, and not thinking about whether it looks starched or not.

So I need someone to help me because there are 5 people that I can picture ironing their money. Scrooge McDuck (obviously), Bugs Bunny, Ben Stein, Walter White, and Pablo Escobar.

If you do not fall into any of those categories I need to know why you would possibly iron your cash. Otherwise, I’ll just jump to conclusions about why people who do so are guano crazy.

There you go, in case you were wondering how to iron money properly, I did extensive research for you.(I typed ironing money into youtube, and several hundred videos came back)

Maybe, just maybe, I am the weird one here.

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