There are hundreds of amazing things to do in various towns across America. The majestic and quaint community of Anaconda, Montana, surrounded by the Pintler Mountains, is no different. Now, you won't find suburban outlets for shopping or the electricity of a city nightclub, but instead, a place that offers a sense of belonging sprinkled with a hip, up-and-coming vibe and a tinge of traditional and historical staples to balance out an authentic experience. In the late 1800s, Copper King Marcus Daly founded the town of Anaconda while financing the construction of a smelter for silver deposits and, eventually, for copper mining. Although the smelter officially shut down in 1980, native Anacondans and visitors alike still recognize the area as a historic place that thrived during its days as a smelting town and a place that relentlessly works to stay alive to this day. (continued...)

Yes, regardless of the smelter's closure over 42 years ago, the community of Anaconda and the outskirts of town offer a fantastic "To Do" list of places to visit and recreate at various times of the year without breaking the bank. Whether you live in Anaconda or are planning a trip there soon for the first time, here is a list of cool places to check out to refresh your love for the area or get you started on your new journey. So get your GPS App ready for:

The Copper Village Museum & Arts Center, Historic Washoe Theater, Discovery Ski Area, Kennedy Common Ice Skating Rink, Historic Hearst Free Library, Kennedy Common Vietnam Memorial, the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Courthouse, Pintler Pets, The Old Works Golf Course (with year-round simulators), Fairmont Hot Springs, Cedar Park Bowling Alley, Goosetown Racquet & Health Club, Pinon Springs Ranch/Gunslinger Gulch (formerly 1880's Ranch) and Main Street events during Alive After Five, St. Patrick's Day and the Christmas Stroll. Throughout Anaconda, you will also find a great selection of restaurants, hotels, churches, clothing stores, beauty & hair salons, drug stores, second-hand stores, bars, Airbnb options, bed & breakfasts, specialty shops, dispensaries, a brewery, antique shops, RV parks, convenience stores, coffee shops, bakeries, plus even a portal hostel and more! Closer to the warmer months, visit Washoe Park for its swimming pool, tennis courts, trails, pavilion, duck ponds, creek, camping, A's baseball field, fish hatchery, and Art in the Park and the Goosetown Softball Tourney in July. Also, plan now for a summer outing to Benny Goodman Park (Greengrass), Charlotte Yeoman Sports Complex, The Anaconda Country Club Golf Course, Treasure Town Market west of Anaconda, Storm Lake, Four Mile Basin, Copper Trail, Warren Pass Loop, Mount Haggin, Edith Lake Trail, Montana Zipline Adventures, Historical Bus Tours, Georgetown Lake, St. Timothy's, Silver Lake, Lost Creek State Park, Lost Creek Raceway, Anaconda Motocross (Lost Creek), and the Smoke Stack State Park.

If I inadvertently missed anything, please feel free to give me a hard time about it. Lol. Seriously, please let me know, as there are undoubtedly endless possibilities throughout the town of Anaconda!

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