Travelling basketball teams these days are almost a prerequisite for any young boy or girl across the state with ambitions of making the team in high school.  And as any parent of a potential athlete will tell you, travelling teams are not free.  Nor are they cheap.  But thanks to a couple of incredible local youth organizations teaming up, scholarships are available that ensures every Butte kid in the 3rd through 8th grade can participate regardless of financial abilities, and a huge upcoming tournament has been named in commemoration.  The following is from Matt Luedke, head coach of the Butte High Bulldogs and also a coach and mentor with Team Uptop Basketball Club:

Photo courtesy of Team Uptop Basketball
Photo courtesy of Team Uptop Basketball

Team Uptop Basketball Club has teamed up with the Colt Anderson Dream Big Foundation to assist in providing scholarships for the youth basketball program.  This ensures that every Butte child in the 3rd to 8th grade can participate in travel basketball regardless of financial capabilities. This donation from Dream Big is an integral part of helping Team Uptop Basketball provide basketball to all youths in Butte.  These scholarships are applied toward players uniforms, tournament entry fees, and other expenses associated with participating in a travel basketball program.

To commemorate the support from the Dream Big Foundation, Team Uptop Basketball Club has collaborated with the Mining City Basketball Club, and they have named the largest travel basketball tournament of the season as the “Dream Big Mile High Classic”. The “Dream Big Mile High Classic” will be held over two weekends on February 3rd to 4th and February 17th to 18th.  The tournament will bring over 150 youth basketball teams to play in Butte over the two weekends. These tournaments help fund the Team Uptop Basketball Club while also generating over $1 million in spending for our local Butte businesses.

Thank you Dream Big for all of your help and support in making youth basketball available to all Butte youths!

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