One of the most popular events of the Holiday Season is the Uptown Ice Carving Contest which is scheduled for Saturday, December 9.  Are you interested in being a sponsor or a participant.  Here is everything you need to know from the Mainstreet Uptown Butte Facebook page:
SPONSORSHIP: Sponsors should provide their own carver(s). There is a small pool of volunteer carvers that will be placed at locations by request or in the order in which entries were received. Sponsors can have more than one entry. Entries can be either single or multiple ice blocks.
DISPLAY: Sponsors may use their own stand/table, but stands are available by the organizers. Organizers will prepare signage and post the name of the sponsor and names of the carver (s) in each location as well as post a map online to share on social media.
TEAM SIZE: Carving teams can be of one or two carvers, no more than two. Groups with more than two carvers will not be judged for prizes.
TOOLS: Carvers will provide their own tools. Suggested tools include hand drills, large tooth saws, ice chippers, chisels. No mechanical or electrical tools are permitted. Torches can be used for finishing touches ONLY and may not be used to aid in the carving of sculptures. Torches help polish the ice to look crystal clear and provide contrast to different textures. This may also be done using fine sandpaper. WARNING: direct heat may cause the ice to crack.
CHECK IN: Carvers must check in by text/call to Corey Gransbery at 529-4795 from 7:30 – 9:00 am on the day of the contest.
TIME: Ice Carving begins at 9:00 am. Carving cannot begin before 9 a.m. and must be finished before 3 p.m. EXTRA TIME of ether 1 HOUR before 9am or 1 HOUR after 3pm will be awarded to carvers 65+ in age. If one member of the team is under the age requirement no extra time will be awarded.
- Master Class: (All previous Grand Prize Winners)
- Adult:
- Beginner: (1-3 years carving)
Carvers may choose the category they want to compete in as long it’s above the level for which they qualify (for example, a qualified Beginner can opt to carve in the Adult Class if they choose.)
- Difficulty – Amount of ice removed, welds, design, etc.
- Composition – detail, texture, use of block(s) etc.
- Creativity – originality, new, different, unique in design, clever use of the elements, etc.
- Craftsmanship – Skill level, clean lines, proportions, completion, etc.
Carvings may not add elements that were not a part of the original ice block(s). Sculpture must be in good taste. This is a family event and carvings can be disqualified for being, vulgar, profane or overly sexual.
AWARDS: Trophies and medals along with Uptown Butte prize money will be awarded for the following:
Grand Prize Overall
1st – 2nd Adult
1st – 2nd Beginner
Award winners will be notified and announced after the event at 6pm online or at the Phoenix building.
WEATHER: Dress appropriately. If you are in a sunny location, you should provide some type of shade for your ice carving. Depending on weather the sun can cause fractures throughout a sculpture. The competition will take place regardless of weather conditions or number of entries.
If you have questions, send email to or call Corey Gransbery @ 406-529-4795

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