In my opinion, the best kind of movie is a free movie.  Or one with TIE Fighters.  But I digress.  The Covellite Theater in Uptown Butte can help with the free part, and they'll even throw some popcorn in to boot.  Tonight, the Covellite's Wednesday Night Free Movie series continues with 80's favorite "Joe Verses the Volcano" hitting the big screen upstairs at 7pm.

And what a screen it is. But it's only part of the wonderful things you'll find.  Have you been to the Covellite lately? Well, it originally went up in 1896 as the Butte Presbyterian Church but has since been converted into one of the coolest entertainment venues in the Mining City. It was renovated and renamed in the 1990s and is back in operation today.  They show movies. They host receptions. They feature local artists and they also serve up a pretty mean beverage in the Uptown Lounge which is located downstairs.  It's a great place but they do warn you that it gets a little chilly in the winter, especially for movies, so if you plan on coming bring a blanket and maybe a warm sweater.  The movie and popcorn are free, but they do recommend a very reasonable five-dollar donation.  Upcoming movies include "Run Ronnie Run", "The Wizard of Oz", "The Princess Bride" and "Butte: The Original".

They've got some good stuff happening this weekend as well.  Friday night it's Northwest Montana Americana duo Way Down North and then Saturday night it's "A Night of Patsy Cline" with Juliette Angelo.

For questions, stop by the Covellite at 215 W. Broadway.

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Gallery Credit: Tommy O, Townsquare Media

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