The regular season has come to a close and the seedings are set for the 2024 Western AA Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament which begins Thursday at the Butte Civic Center.  Favorable seedings will have the Butte High School boys and girls playing in consecutive games on Thursday evening much to the delight of Butte sports fans.  Let's take a look at Thursday's schedule:

9:30am - BOYS - #1 Missoula Hellgate Knights vs. #8 Flathead Braves (Kalispell) 

11am - BOYS - #4 Glacier Wolfpack (Kalispell) vs. #5 Helena Capital Bruins

12:30pm - GIRLS - #1 Missoula Big Sky Eagles vs. #8 Flathead Braves (Kalispell)

2pm - GIRLS - #4 Helena Capital Bruins vs. #5 Missoula Sentinel Spartans

3:30pm - BOYS - #3 Helena High Bengals vs. #6 Missoula Sentinel Spartans

5pm - BOYS - #2 Butte High Bulldogs vs. #7 Missoula Big Sky Eagles

6:30pm - GIRLS - #3 Helena High Bengals vs. #6 Butte High Bulldogs

8pm - GIRLS - #2 Missoula Hellgate Knights vs. #7 Glacier Wolfpack (Kalispell)

The tournament will run through Saturday and will send the top 4 teams to Dahlberg Arena in Missoula for the State Tournament which will begin a week from Thursday.

All-Session Tickets for the Western AA Divisional Tournament are $25.00 general admissions and $20.00 for students and can be purchased now on the Butte Civic Center's website. 

The Bulldog boys are the hottest team in AA basketball having won six in a row and 7 of their last 8 in closing the regular season.  Two of the wins came either on a buzzer-beater or off an overtime period made possible by a buzzer-beater.  It hasn't been dull.  The girls are starting to gel after the late-season activation of forward Selene Morrell whose passing, rebounding and physical style of play has added another dimension to Butte's overall game.  Will it be enough to get them to Missoula?


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