The Elks Lodge on Galena Street has, for years, been one of the most sought-after reception halls and live music venues in Southwest Montana.  Almost every musician, soloist, ensemble or band has at one time or another, played the curved stage at the Elks Lodge.  And with good reason.  The Elks is large.  Larger than you are led to believe from looking at the outside from the corner of Galena and Montana Streets.  Large enough for a big show or benefit and it has a full-size commercial kitchen that is perfect for weddings or reunions.  And it has a really nice bar and lounge area.  The Elks is simply a great place.

This weekend, you can give them a helping hand by attending a very funny show performed by one of Montana's most popular comedy troupes. One people travel hundreds of miles to see.  One that's hard to find this time of year.  Virginia City's incredible Brewery Follies will perform their irreverant and politcally-incorrect "Twistmas in December" Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm, doors open at 6:30pm.  This incredibly funny and talented group of actors, actresses and musicians promise "foolshness, absurdity, satire and nonsense".

Tickets will be available at the door for $30 but advance tickets are available in Butte for $25 at Headframe Spirits at 21 S. Montana, the Freeway Tavern at 2001 S. Montana or at the Butte Elks Lodge at 206 W. Galena.  Advance tickets are also available in Anaconda at the Midway Bar, 312 W. Commercial.  For details on limited table reservations, please call (406) 490-2864.

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