Virginia City and Nevada City are a look back at the Old West.

In June of 1863, the township of Virginia City was formed south of a rich gold strike. Within weeks of it’s founding Virginia City was a boomtown, as thousands of prospectors swarmed the area looking to strike it rich.

Virginia City was the capital of the Montana Territory from February 7, 1865, until April 19, 1875, when it was moved to Helena. In 1961 the towns of Virginia City and Nevada City were designated National Historic Landmark Districts. Both are places that can teach us all something about our past.

Go to Virginia City and Nevada City for the history, first and foremost, but stay for the entertainment. Virginia City is an incredible hub for theatrical fun. With the Virginia City Players and the Brewery Follies performing throughout the summer, you’ll never want for entertainment.

You can get the details on the Virginia City players’ season HERE, and the Brewery Follies information HERE.

Maybe because of the proximity, but I have never thought about staying in Virginia City, but there are some impressive rentals in and around the area. Here are a look at a few.

How about we start with a log cabin?  A 2 bedroom house, with 1.5 baths that can sleep six. The house is on the north side of Virginia City in the city limits (but a short walk to town). Here Is a look at this property.

Virginia city log cabin- photo via AirBNB
log cabin view-photo via AirBNB

You can find out more, and book this rental HERE.

You want to stay in Virginia City, but a log cabin isn't your jam? How about a fully restored 1865 traditional home? This rental is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, that sleeps 6. You can walk right out the front door into Virginia City and all that it has to offer.

House in Virginia City- photo via AirBNB
VC House interior- photo via AirBNB

You can look into the details, and book this rental HERE.

Alright, one more. If you motor overr the 'hill' toward Ennis you will find The Bear’s Den on Firetower ranch. The entire bungalow will sleep 6 in 2 bedrooms, with 2 baths. Again, this property is a drive to Virginia City, but you are right off Twin Lakes, and just a hop from Ennis as well. Take a look.

Dear Den- photo via AirBNB
bear den bedroom-photo via AirBNB

You can eyeball, and reserve this property HERE.

Three different properties, in and around Virginia City, Montana.

A weekend of history and entertainment in Virginia City and Nevada City sounds pretty damn wonderful. Before you plan your stay make sure to look at the calendar of events for Virginia City HERE. 

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