The Butte Spay and Neuter Task Force has been hard at work around town.  You may have even been to one of their spay and neuter or vaccination clinics.

Over the years they have sterilized and uncountable number of pets here in the Mining City and have prevented what can only be estimated at thousands of unwanted dogs and cats from winding up on the streets or in the shelter.   Even with that number, their "task force" in numbers is relatively few.  Their work is noble.  Their work is certainly humane.  And their work is also expensive.  They are looking for funds and they are looking for foster families. And there are several ways that you can help.

Let's talk about their fundraiser.  It will be held over two evenings at the Butte Elks Lodge at 206 W. Galena.  Thursday, June 22 will be a Spaghetti and Chicken Dinner starting at 5pm along with a live auction and a 50/50.  If you are the decision maker of a business here in town, items are needed for the live auction.  If you are interested in donating, please contact Carlolyn Corneilius at (406) 498-7213.  Corneilius said that if your business cannot donate a large item, you can easily buy dinner for a Veteran, several of whom will be special guests that evening.  In fact, there will be a special early seating for Veterans from the Southwest Montana Veterans' Home.  If you would like to purchase dinner for a Vet, it's only $15 and again, contact Carolyn Corneilius.

Friday June 23 will be Bingo Nite.  There will be 10 games played, each with a $100 winner with a $200 "special" and $250 for a blackout.  Again, sponsors are needed for the bingo prizes.  Corneilius says that as of press time they are looking for five additional $100 donors.  Again, anyone interested in donating can call the above number.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Butte Spay and Neuter Task Force
A recent clinic attendee.  Photo courtesy: Facebook/Butte Spay and Neuter Task Force

Funds are needed immediately in order to preserve operations and all help is welcome and appreciated.  However, money is not the only way you can help.  In the weeks leading up to the fundraiser we will be examining what types of volunteer work is needed.

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