The Butte Central Activities Department has released their list of students who have been named Academic All State.  Activities Director Chad Petersen noted the qualifying criteria.  “The awards are given to high school athletes and cheerleaders who earn a varsity letter in a MHSA sanctioned sport and obtain a 3.5 or better grade point average during the principal quarter of that sport. The grade point requirement is based on a straight 4.0 system with no extra credit given for “honors” courses and such," Petersen said.  GPAs were determined using 1st quarter grades for fall activities and 2nd quarter grades for winter.  Spring honorees will be announced later this summer.   Here are the Winter and Fall Season honorees.  * Denotes a 4.0 GPA.

FOOTBALL:  Ethan Andersch*, Garrett Button*, Riley Gelling, Kyle Holter*, Eric Loos*, Dougie Peoples*, Josiah McGee, Ayden Durkin*, Bryce Keane*, Jack Keeley*, Zane Moodry*, Jake Tauscher, Coy Campbell, Michael Hand*, Justus McGee, Keefer McGree*, Owen McPartland, Micahel Peck*, Colt Hassler, Kelten Keane*, Ryan Peoples*, Marcus Shutey*, Tony Stajcar

VOLLEYBALL:  Maycee Anderson*, Brooke Badovinac, Jaeden Berger, Mia Keeley*, Hattie Mehring, Cora Wall, Mollie Drew*, Kate Johnston, Lucy Kelly*, Ella Moodry*

CROSS COUNTRY:  Hallie Kellicut*, Jim Bradshaw, James Holmes*, William McAnulty*, Patrick Stimatz*

GOLF:  Randy Larson*, Sam Henderson*, Kelton Berger, Will McGree*

BOYS BASKETBALL:  Riley Gelling, Kyle Holter*, Eric Loos*, Dougie Peoples*, Konner Pochervina, Josiah McGee (manager), Jack Keeley*, Zane Moodry*, Justus McGee, Keefer McGree*, Owen McPartland*, Patrick Stimatz, Ryan Peoples, Joshua Sutton*

GIRLS BASKETBALL:  Maycee Anderson, Brooke Badovinac, Mollie Drew*, Kathryn Lalicker, Ali Stajcar*, Amanda Wheelock*, Sophia Gelling, Arika Stajcar, Caden Tippett*, Meika Boyer

WRESTLING: James Holmes*, Marcus Shutey, Jack Holmes, Conan Holmes

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