What do you think are the biggest issues facing Butte today?  Is it homelessness?  Crime and drug abuse?  The cost of rent and real estate?  Are we facing infrastructure issues?  Let's not forget about the price we pay for living in the aftermath and in the presence of one of the largest mining operations in modern history.  There are environmental issues which always lead to questions of responsibility, reclamation and restoration which costs money.  And these are just the big issues.  There are always questions and comments about potholes, stray dogs and bike lanes.

What about the positives?  Many new businesses have recently opened, new housing is going up all over town and we have one of the best technological colleges in the world up on the hill.

Whatever the issue, you are invited to bring your questions to a Business of Butte Public Forum featuring our four candidates for Chief Executive, Bill Foley, Raelynn Brandyl, Cathy "Moe" Goodwin and incumbent J.P. Gallagher.  The forum will take place in the Copper Lounge located in the Student Union Building on the campus of Montana Tech on April 4 from 5 to 6:30pm.  The candidates will discuss their vision of the future of business in Butte and the role of Montana Tech and its graduating seniors.  All students, faculty and staff of Montana Tech are encouraged to attend, and the public is welcome as well.  Please bring your questions.  Samm Coxx will serve as moderator and the forum is presented by the Business Guild Department of Business.

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