We are at or near the end of the winter sports season and have some big events coming up, particularly regarding the Butte High Wrestling Team. Here is a look at this week's sports schedule for Butte High School.

Wrestlers at State Meet in Billings

The Butte High boys and girls wrestling teams will be heading to the familiar floor of the Billings Metra as the State Wrestling Meet will be taking place.  Boys will be in competition Thursday, Friday and Saturday while the girls will be in action Friday and Saturday.

Swimmers at State Meet in Great Falls

The Bulldog boys and girls swim teams will be competing in the State Swimming Meet in Great Falls this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Boys and Girls Basketball teams head to Kalispell

We are still a few weekends away from the Western AA Divisional Basketball Tournament which will be here in Butte February 24-26 so there is still some regular-season business to get to.  The boys' and girls' basketball teams will have a full slate of game in Kalispell on both Friday and Saturday.  Friday will Glacier Wolfpack will entertain the Bulldogs with the boys' freshmen playing at 5:30pm in the Rankin gymnasium.  The sophomores play in the high school gym at 3pm, the JVs at 5:30pm and the varsities at 7:30pm.  The girls' freshmen are at the Rankin at 4pm with the sophomores at the high school at 3pm, the JVs at 4:30pm and the varsities at 6pm.

Saturday the Bulldogs will take on the Braves and Bravettes of Flathead High School. On the boys' side, the freshmen will play at 3pm, the sophomores at noon, the JVs at 1:30pm and the varsities at 4:30pm.  The girls' freshmen play at 4:30pm, the sophomores at 1:30pm, the JVs at noon and the varsities at 3pm.

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