Gratefully, on the greenest day of the year, organizers of Butte's upcoming St. Patrick's Day festivities will have a little of something for everyone, both young and old alike. Plus, with March 17th falling on a Friday this year, even more, activities are sure to be a hit leading into the weekend. As a "post" St. Patrick's Day celebration, a special event for children is underway Saturday, March 18th, thanks to Butte's Ancient Order of Hibernians. Yes, from noon until 4 p.m., kids will have a chance to enjoy FREE carousel rides at the Spirit of Columbia Gardens Carousel in Butte's Stodden Park! (story continued...)

Butte's AOH is an organization whose name is synonymous with "generosity"! The idea of FREE carousel rides ties in nicely with their mission of looking out for youth in the community and helping to create special bonds. As for the Spirit of Columbia Gardens Carousel, groundbreaking for the facility began in 2015 and was completed in 2018. Dating back to this time, organizers, sponsors, staff, and volunteers have made it possible to reminisce about the original and ever-so-memorable Columbia Gardens that closed in 1973. (more below)

The carousel features 32 hand-carved horses, with the history of each sculpture available, including the horses' names. Aside from kids enjoying FREE carousel rides on March 18th, families are encouraged to check out the display of memorabilia and delicious confectioneries at the Spirit of Columbia Gardens Carousel in Butte (3105 Utah Street). They also host birthday parties! Learn more by calling (406) 494-7775.             

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