It is not uncommon for the Butte Elks to host fundraiser breakfasts.  Some weekends you may even find one on both Saturday and Sunday.  And they are not only a great way for organizations and charities to raise money but they're also a delicious and very reasonable way to feed the whole family.  You can count on pancakes and scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, juice and coffee at every one of them.  But this Saturday, February 3, the Butte Elks are kicking off their 100-year anniversary and they are doing it with a breakfast extravaganza.

An extravaganza?  You bet.  Iin addition to the breakfast staples mentioned above, this Saturday they will also have fruit crepes and hash browns on the menu along with crockpot casseroles and fruit-infused cinnamon rolls.  Sound good?  Please RSVP now by calling (406) 498-7213.  Breakfast will be served from 8:30am to 11:30am at the Elks Lodge 240 at 206 W. Galena and the cost is $25 for two people.

Photo: Facebook/Butte Elks
Photo: Facebook/Butte Elks Lodge 240

The Butte Elks Lodge 240 reminds you that this is a fundraising event and many more are on the horizon. Would you like to be a part of future events and activities as well? Consider becoming a member.  And if you have an event, reunion, office party or fundraiser in your future, the Elks has a spacious hall, a full bar and professional-grade kitchen at your disposal. The Elks strives to be Butte, America's go-to location and in true Elks style, all veterans in attendance at this Saturday's breakfast will have their meals donated.

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