What exactly is a hero?  Is a hero someone whose chosen profession potentially puts their life on the line every time they show up to work?  Is a hero someone will drop everything to help another who is in danger or peril?  Does saving a life make someone a hero?  There are many dedicated first responders here in Butte who have done just that.

In 2023 we have dealt with and are dealing with everything from rampant crime to local fentanyl abuse to a global pandemic and we are dealing with it every day right here in our community.  Now more than ever, being a first responder is a very dangerous way to make a living.  Yet in spite of all of the hazards there are many local heroes who as first responders have literally saved lives.  It is for these extraordinary efforts that the 2023 Copper Heart Award will be presented to an outstanding group of our local first responders.

The Copper Heart Awards will be presented in collaboration between the Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department, Law Enforcement and A1 Ambulance and will be given to first reponders for their life-saving actions on May 26 at 1:30pm in the courthouse rotunda.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Here is a list of the local heroes who will be honored.  Jerry Ellison, Mark McCarthy, Mark Lee, John Liebel, Shawn Coates, Daniel Brabender, Cameron Cray, Andrea Maurinac, Joslynn Haran, Pat Doherty, Jessica Braun, Marko Weitzel, Koby Carter, Matt Doble, Calvin Ball, Robert Whelan, Jase Hoffman, George Skuletich, Dan Lacey, Mike McGree, Haylee Kropp, TW Bolton, Jake Hanley, Chris Mejelde, Kayanna Eldred, Emily Vincent, Curtis Kindt, Nick McGree, Cynthia Vook and Barbara Gray.

Congratulations to these local heroes for truly going above and beyond the call of duty.  We are better as a community because of your incredible work.

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