Last weekend at the Class B & C Western Divisional Wrestling Tournament in Pablo, the Anaconda Copperheads did far more than "show up"; instead, they let competitors know "what's up"! The tournament was a victory on many levels for both male and female Copperhead contenders. So much so that several wrestlers from the Smelter City ceremoniously boarded a Tucker Transportation Bus yesterday morning to make their way to the State Wrestling Tournament in Billings! In true Copperhead style, a car rally led by loyal fans, parents, and the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Police and Fire Departments, lined the streets to support AJHS wrestlers on their journey. (More Copperhead Wrestling below)

As illustrated by AJHS wrestling coaches Joe Casey and Ryan Pesanti, the Copperhead Wrestling standings at the Class B Divisional Tournament in Pablo last week were as follows:

Divisional Champion honors went to Ryleigh Warner; coming in 2nd Place were Tommy Sawyer, Nate Blodnick, Aidan Miller, and Jaidyn Holdaway; In 3rd Place were Camy Hoiland, Lilly Buchanan, and Tabitha Cheetham; In 4th Place Rachael Rogers; 5th Place, Roddy Wyant; and 7th Place, Christian Miller. All competitors listed above will compete this week at State in Billings. Another impressive accolade at Divisionals included the Lady Heads Wrestling Team taking FIRST! Overall, congratulations to all Copperhead Wrestlers who competed during the season! (State tourney info below)


Yesterday, wrestlers who qualified for State conducted weigh-ins and other tasks at Metra Park Arena in Billings. That means today is the day (February 10th)! Many wrestlers will hit the mat at 10:20 a.m. with first-round matches for the boys and first and second-round matches for the girls. On Saturday (February 11th), the tournament is set to conclude in the late afternoon with a parade of finalists. For a complete list of Copperhead pairings and Class B brackets, visit MHSA here ->  MHSA-WRESTLING. Also to track your wrestler and find out how to watch them compete if you are unable to attend, visit "track wrestling" HERE. Good Luck, Copperheads!, PIN and WIN!


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