Attention young, potential Eddie Van Halens, Chad Smiths, Paul McCartneys and Eddie Vedders.  If you have had a yearning to rock, have always wanted to play in a band or even if you've just been practicing alone in your garage, the Covellite Theater has something that might just be of interest to you.  The 2024 Youth Rock Summer Music Program is gearing up to start its inaugural season and young rockers are invited to help make it a success.

The Youth Rock Summer Music Program is open to those from 8 to 18 years of age and will have its first class on June 15th and will run on Saturdays at the Covellite through August 31st.  The kids will learn to play in a band setting and the program is open to all ability levels.  Each week the students will hold rehearsals and the program will commence with an end of season concert.  The instructor is Terry Longhway who is a talented multi-instrumentalist and is familiar to Montana audiences as a member of the Doors tribute band, Mojo Risin, as well as the bands Pony Express and Lotus and the Lion.

The Youth Rock Music Program is sponsored by Butte Cares and Rocktop Nation, a grassroots organization from right here in Butte that has gone national with such events as their annual "Rock the Pit" festival that will be held this October at the Covellite.  The registration fee is $100 per camper and information can be found at the Covellite Theater and Uptown Lounge at 215 W. Broadway.

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