District 6B Basketball action is underway this evening as the number one-ranked Anaconda Lady Copperheads take on the fourth-ranked Deer Lodge Lady Wardens at 6 p.m. in the Snake Pit. Missoula will also host district play tonight as the number three-ranked Florence Lady Falcons take on the number two-ranked Loyola Breakers at 6 p.m. The Lady Copperheads are heading into the tournament with a win last Saturday against Loyola 62-52 in Zoo Town. Although they fell short last Friday night 33-24 on their home court against Florence, the Anaconda girls are looking to set the tone and dominate tonight. (continued...)

The middle of the season served up some setbacks when Copperhead standout Makena Patrick could no longer compete due to a knee injury. The consensus, however, is that the Lady Heads will work to play hard with the enormous level of technique and talent they possess. Forces to be reckoned with on the court during the district tourney are Maniyah Lunceford, Meela Mitchell, Hayden Lunceford, Cali Pesanti, Rain Daniels, Quincy Saltenberger, Larkin Galle, Giana Chor, Aliyah Valentini, Ady Hoiland, and Maleah Gress. Managers for the Lady Copperheads are Gracie Verlanic and McKayla McKelvy. Leading the pack are Head Coach Andy Saltenberger and Assistant Coaches Mark Torney, Mary Sandoval, and Arieona Mattson. This year's Lady Warden Seniors are Moriah Reich, Natalie Bowe, and Skyla Pierson. (Copperhead boys below)

Now, In cheering on the Copperhead boys, they will head to Florence tomorrow (February 17th) for a Class B District basketball match-up against the Falcons at 6 p.m. As the Copperheads come into the tournament with a number three ranking, they have what it takes to get the job done tomorrow night and going forward into the weekend. Rounding up the Mighty Copperheads team are Gabe Galle, River Hurley, Cael Mikalotos, Tanner Cromwell, Billy Farmer, Brody Galle, Wade Dahood, Tytan Cook, Travis Dye, Shane Schalk, Treyton Patrick, Cory Galle, and Riley Kriskovich, Managers are Emmett Theard, Lorenzo McCarthy, and Bryan Coughlin. The Copperheads are led by Head Coach Dakota Norris and Assistant Coaches Henry Huber and Nate Lopez. (More district details are below)

This Saturday (February 18th) all teams will be in Anaconda to compete at the Memorial Gym. District 6B consolation games begin at 11 a.m., with the girl's championship matchup at 2:30 p.m. and the boy's championship game at 4:15 pm. Plus, there's no slowing down as more Bball action continues in Anaconda, February 23rd through the 25th. That's when the Smelter City will host the Western B Divisional Basketball Tourney! Good luck to all players, coaches, and fans!

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