The Butte Depot is going to be a busy place.  Aside from bringing in country star Rodney Atkins for the big pre-fireworks concert at the Original Mineyard on Wednesday, the Depot will be the place where Eric Dowdle will unveil his new Butte, America-themed puzzle, whose image has been top-secret up until now.

Eric Dowdle is a talented painter and folk artist.  He has gained notoriety for turning his unique paintings into puzzles and has used as his subjects different towns, monuments and pieces of American folklore.  His work is incredible.  He's done pieces centered on Yellowstone, Zion and Yosemite National Parks.  The Black Hills of South Dakota and the National Mall in Washington D.C.  Gettysburg.  The Grand Canyon.  Mount Rushmore.  And now, Butte, America.  And judging by his past work, we are in for a treat at the unveiling.

What Butte buildings, landmarks or people do you think he used?  Will the puzzle focus on Butte's rich history or its promising future?  We only have a few short days to wait.  The unveiling will be taking place Tuesday evening at 5pm as Eric Dowdle himself will be on hand.  You will have the opportunity to purchase the puzzles on-site as well as through the Butte Chamber of Commerce's website.  The Butte Depot is located at 818 S. Arizona and its' incredible restoration will serve as a colorful backdrop for this fun gathering of artists, officials and supporters.  For details, please contact Stephanie Sorini at the Butte Chamber of Commerce at (406) 723-3177.

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