There is a fine line between St. Urho’s and St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m not sure if you feel it, but it feels like people are just jonesing to get out, to socialize, and maybe just maybe, party a bit.

St Patricks Day Celebrations Return To The Streets Of Dublin
MARCH 17: A reveller wearing a pair of Kiss Me emblazoned sunglasses is kissed on the cheek. (Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

I could be wrong, but this is going to be a party that won’t be confined to one day of the week. St. Urho’s will blend into St.Pat’s (you’ll just change your drinking ‘uniform’), then that will slide into “Well we are in Butte for the weekend, we might as well go out Saturday too”.

Hangovers (plural) are going to be an issue. I would assume that everyone has their own tried and true, family secret, “63% of the time it works every time”, hangover cure. But just in case yours doesn’t work Friday morning I thought I would do some digging and come up with a few of the more… interesting suggestions.

Let’s start with a few cultural beliefs.

(Supposedly) They prepare for a heavy night of drinking in Puerto Rico by rubbing a slice of lemon in their armpit. Yea, I call B.S. too. It feels like bringing your friends Snipe hunting.

Boxes of lemons- (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

In Japan, after too much sake, they eat pickled and dried ume, which is similar to an apricot. Once pickled it is incredibly sour, some steep it in green tea to try and take the edge off (but it doesn’t help much.

Beverages seem to be the go-to cure. Whether you believe in the hair of the dog, Gatorade, Butte water, or something entirely different, most people believe feeling better is at the bottom of a glass.

We all know people who swear by water, Gatorade, or Pedialyte in large quantities before bed. Even pickle juice, or ice-cold chocolate milk. For some reason, most people said the milk has to be ice cold.

But how about this concoction? The recipe starts with a can of lemon La Croix sparkling water, mixed with 1 packet of Emergen-C, and 1 packet of Alka-Seltzer lemon-lime.

Sales Of LaCroix Sparkling Water Drop For First Time In Five Years

If a person drank this quickly, I feel like they would swell up and explode from the CO2, I'm thinking  “Big Trouble in Little China” here.

And now to food. Much like beverages, everyone has things that are guaranteed to work. For Butte locals a high percentage revolves around a pork chop. A chop with egg, pork burger, a chop with ham, whatever your preference, a chop is a staple.

I’ve seen a lot of people showing love for chicken noodle soup. Particularly Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. This one just scares me, once that soup.. ‘comes up’ I can’t imagine ever wanting to eat it again. Maybe that’s just me.

How about sardines on toast?

General Views of Madeira

Yea, me either.

If not sardines, how about Flaming Hot Cheetos with a Dr.Pepper chaser? Some people swear by it. I kid you not, i've seen more than one person saying that this is THE cure..

However you want to battle the next morning, I wish you good luck. If you have the absolute cure-all make sure to tell us all about it!

Otherwise make sure to celebrate responsibly, and don’t drink and drive.


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