St. Patrick's Day is all about upholding traditions and in Butte, America we are all for traditions.  A shot of Jamesons from Maloney's.  A plate of corned beef and cabbage from the M&M.   A sausage dog from outside the Terminal while hopping from bar to bar after the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.  We have the Friendly Sons and Daughters of St. Patrick gathering and Handing Down the Heritage at the Butte Civic Center.  We even traditionally start celebrating a day early with the crowning of St. Uhro at the Helsinki.  And this year, with Derek Ackerman running the show, it's going to be off the hook.  But more on that later.

As I get older, one of my favorite St. Patrick's Day traditions is when people start showing up to work or gatherings with Blarney Stones.  No, not from the castle on the Emerald Isle.  Blarney Stones are wonderful, little dessert cakes, seemingly simple, yet available in several different styles.  Traditionally it's a pound cake cut up into squares, frosted in vanilla icing and rolled in peanuts.  Nothing really fancy, but as is usually the case in the Mining City, everyone has their own twist or special recipe.  Different styles of cakes, frostings or even nuts can add delicious layers to this simple treat.

Town Talk Bakery. Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Town Talk Bakery. Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

If you're not much of a baker or just don't have the time, where do you get your ready to eat Blarney Stones?  Town Talk and Great Harvest Bakery are always great choices and I even saw that Western Meat and Sausage Block is selling packages of 6 Blarney Stones from 406 Bistro.  Who else makes Blarney Stones here in town?  Who makes the best?

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