You'd have to be living under a big rock in Montana NOT to know the Brawl of the Wild is this Saturday in Bozeman! The thing about it, though, is that some Bocat/Griz Fans are more prepared and organized than others. Hence, the ones ahead of the game purchased their tickets weeks ago for the game, have their tailgate festivities planned out, and booked hotel reservations way in advance. Serious gamegoers even know exactly what "team logo" layers of clothing they plan to wear to match weather conditions.

Then there are the "winging it" Bobcat/Griz fans. The ones that procrastinate purchasing tickets for whatever reason and then end up with NONE. Yet, because they love a good Bobcat/Griz football matchup and want to be part of the festivities, they make every attempt to be there in the flesh even though it would have been easier to maintain some level of organization by purchasing tickets and a hotel room in the first place. Or so I've been told. Lol!

Here is the next resort for the "winging it and watered-down, Bobcat/Griz fans described above. *Without a ticket, the next best option is to tailgate with friends or to crash a tailgate party altogether with a community six-pack "in tote." Nobody likes a freeloader and a party crasher at the same time, so make sure to do your part. All the while, one's phone should be charged and set to Townsquare Media's KXTL 1370 App to get complete play-by-play action of the game courtesy of Learfield Sports.

*The next option for Bobcat/Griz game procrastinators is to plant themselves at the many awesome bars or restaurants in Bozeman that carry the Brawl of the Wild on television. Go early and bring enough $$ for appetizers. This year the game will be broadcast on MTN and available for streaming on ESPN+. *As for finding a place to stay in Bozo the night following the game, some fancy footwork may be involved. Hotels will be sold out, so as far as any lack of organization skills allows, check to see if you can stay with a friend of a friend or a cousin of your friend's cousin. But, whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to travel home on the highway in unforeseen winter weather this Saturday night after the game, and do not subject yourself to drinking and driving or distracted driving. Be safe, Bobcat and Griz Fans, and next year make sure to buy Brawl tickets and a cush hotel room when the game takes place in Zoo Town!

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