I love those moments when you are truly enjoying yourself at a park, on a tour, or whatever, and realize “This is someone’s job”.  My family might be a bit Disney-centric, so I always think that I want to be the Jungle Cruise captain and make sure that everyone sees the wonder that is the backside of water.

I also love tripping on those job postings for gigs way out of the ordinary. This job posting certainly falls into that category.

The World Museum of Mining is hiring an underground tour guide.

The position is temporary, part-time, with flexible schedules, and could require some weekends. Training for the position will be provided, and the position will last until the end of October, or the beginning of November (depending on Mother Nature) This is a great position for current college students (cough, cough, Mining, Geology, Met, cough) I would think this could be a great part-time job for a retiree, or even just a lover of Butte history.

photo courtesy of The Dude Abode
photo courtesy of The Dude Abode

The Orphan Girl mine was founded in 1875 and purchased by Marcus Daly in 1879. The mine was always more ‘popular’ with the miners for its relatively nice temperatures of 55-65 degrees, rather than its bountiful take. “The Girl” was in operation until the 1950s and produced over 7,600,000 ounces of silver in its time. Zinc and lead were also brought up out of their depths through the decades.

The World Museum of Mining offers a rare experience that not many people have embarked on, the opportunity to go 100 feet into the Orphan Girl Mine.

As a tour guide, you will lead guests into the Orphan Girl and view the Orhan Girl vein, one of the few publicly viewable, exposed veins in North America. You will tell the tale of what made Butte, “The Richest Hill on Earth”. From the history of the mines to the dangers of working underground every day, to the impacts the mines had on Butte, Montana, and the world.

You can send your resume to ButteWMM@Gmail.com, or you can drop them off at the Museum itself.

Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

You can read more about the tours, and why you should go on one, HERE.

You can also read more about the World Museum of Mining on their Website, and you can make a reservation (strongly suggested) for the underground tours HERE.

You seem like pretty solid tour guide material to me.

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