Well, we can now count down the days to Halloween on a single hand.  (Okay, most of us can.) With the big day just a few days away, we took our crew up to the Butte-Silver Bow County Courthouse to see the entries in this year's jack-o-lantern contest.  There were some really neat entries that you can still check out in the rotunda.  Here are a few of the entries that we thought stood out.

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Jack O Lanterns in Butte/Silver Bow's contest on display at courthouse

Here are some of the top entries on display for the 2022 jack-o-lantern contest at the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse.

Butte's Halloween Decorations

This year we went around town and found some really cool home decorations for Halloween. Here's what we found.

Butte's Ghost Signs Part 1

Uptown Butte was once one of the largest urban centers in the Northwest and the bustling heart of a thriving Mining City. Here is the first in a series of some of the ghost signs you can see Uptown that have survived through the decades.

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