When it comes to Valentine's Day are you a no-nonsense regimented romantic or do you tend to be, "eh, you know", somewhat romantic with a twisted sense of humor? Good news! If you're the latter then a night out at Cutler Brothers Theatre in Deer Lodge for their V-DAY Comedy Variety Show is for you! It's a sweetheart of a deal as this show offers sketch and stand-up comedy, Broadway Musicals, and Comedy Night News. In between all that, the V-DAY Comedy Variety Show will have LIVE performances by the band Chronic Discharge and improv by Das Froot. Cutler Brothers Theatre is easily on its 50th comedy season! In between the many plays and musicals they produce each year on the Cutler Brothers' stage, they also play host to Comedy Variety Shows premised around St. Patrick's Day, Summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are also the master minds behind Cutler's Creep Show and various full length movies filmed in Montana. (more talk about comedy below)

Between 2011 and 2019 I had the pleasure of performing on the Cutler Brothers' stage with some of the most talented and hysterical performers, and indeed ones you will  have a chance to see in action on Tuesday, February 14th! All comedy skits are primarily and brilliantly written by Kelly, Matt and Patrick Cutler with topics ranging from politics to the most sophomoric scenarios imaginable. The comedy night characters I portrayed on a reoccurring basis? A libido driven "Grandma", "Judge Judy", "an Italian mobster socialite" who makes a mean pasta dish while disposing of snitches, "Sue from Glee", "Hippie Mama" and more. Needless to say, the Cutler crew and cast members are the funniest and most giving, too! For their upcoming show, the cast will have you on the edge of your seats wishing for more! Again, that's the The V-DAY Comedy Variety Show, Tuesday, February 14th at 7:30 pm. Get your tickets & learn more about Cutler Brothers Theatre (401 Main, Deer Lodge) by visiting cutlerbros.com right here - >CUTLERBROS or call (406) 846-4096. (more hilarious Cutler Comedy photos below)

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